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Providing resources to leaders and mentors to start clubs and programs to share their under celebrated creative pursuits

and better our communities

Introducing the "Varsity Arts" Program Initiative - New for 2024! Named in jest as a nod to the under-celebrated nature of creative pursuits, this program provides grants, resources, and supplies to mentors and organizations hoping to shape the next generation by passing on talents, teachings, wisdom, art, and personal empowerment to their mentees. The intention is to pair great craftsmen, creators, and outdoorsmen and women with the next generation through classes and programs of their teaching.  Varsity Arts celebrates the underfunded and deprioritized and grows our communities and culture. 

Whether you’re operating a surfboard shaping class, boat building seminary, operating pottery classes or fine art lessons, we want to hear from you and learn how we can make your dream program come to life!

How to apply:

Our grant applications are closed at this time. Please subscribe to be notified when our next giving cycle begins. 

SUMMER 2024 "Varsity" Grants



All applications for 2024 are closed. Please subscribe to be notified about our next grant cycle.

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