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passion projects

Empowering creators by providing grants to help individuals pursue under-celebrated, creative pursuits that uplift their communities

The Passion Project’s initiative by the Levitate Foundation is a creator’s dream, providing grants to support your next big creative pursuit in the arts or the outdoors. All too often, creators find themselves hanging in the balance between their world shifting ideas and the financial realities that stand in the way of bringing those ideas to life.  Consequently, countless projects remain ideas, countless creators remain dormant, and communities are deprived of works that would inspire creativity, connection to nature, and the continuance of regionally significant craft. The Levitate Foundation is tipping the scale on this issue with passion project grants, and we want to hear from you! 


Whether you’re a filmmaker looking to send a message, a muralist painting a mural to beautify your hometown, or a craftsman who wants to showcase an under celebrated pursuit, we would love to make your next big idea come to life!

How to apply:

We are accepting grant applications until May 15, 2024. All applications will be reviewed by our committee and grants recipients will be notified in June.  Please complete the application by clicking on the link below.



All applications for 2024 are closed. Please subscribe to be notified about our next grant cycle.

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